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This curly blonde is already 8 months pregnant, but she doesn’t give up her exercise routine. She has a personal trainer come daily and work out with her, helping her with the moves as her huge belly prevents her from bending over. As he’s showing her how to take a position, she feels his boner up her leg.

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Now here’s a pregnant anal fuck bunny that’s going to make the blood rush right to your baby maker! She’s a ravenous redhead with a passion for having her swollen preggo nipples sucked while taking a hard one up the hiney. With her lesbian friend hanging off her tit and a big dick boring her bung hole, she’s in seventh heaven! Take a gander at that cream filled sphincter as she hangs her bulbous belly over the bed! That’s one gaping pregnant poop portal! Betcha it would hold more than one load of jizz…yours, mine and anybody else’s who cums along!

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This pregnant Indian woman looks like she’s about to burst, and her belly is stretched to its limit. But there’s no limit to what she’ll do for some hard cock! Her hormones are so out of control at this point in her pregnancy, she’ll take on however many dicks happen to be available! She wants to feel some stiff man meat in every hole, and when these two guys offer to fulfil her dirtiest desires, she’s right there for a serious pregnant anal drilling! Make sure you’ve got the tissues handy when you watch this big-bellied mom-to-be getting her temperature taken at both ends, because this pregnant anal sex slut is hot enough to make your mercury explode!

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One of the best things about pregnant anal sex is that the chick’s big belly makes it impossible for her to lie face down without having her ass stuck in the air, thus making for some easy access to her tight little poop chute. This young pregnant girl found herself in just such a vulnerable position, stuck on her belly, much like a turle on its back, with no choice but to endure having a hard cock shoved up her brown button hole! Now if you’ve got a thing for pregnant anal cream pies, then you’ll be wanting to see the rest of the nasty, dirty pics in this series! This babe’s partner has a penchant for hot anal cream injections, and he doesn’t stop until he gets to watch his vanilla filling oozing out from her sweet doughnut hole!

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Tracy is one of those pregnant anal sex girls who likes a good butt pounding to make her feel alive. She’s a tough babe who likes it rough, but she didn’t realize how rough she was going to have it when she bent over to let Gary plow her pregnant ass! He’s got a pretty big cock, and he likes to put the pedal to the metal when he’s driving the old hershey highway. Tracy’s big baby belly bounces to the beat as he repeatedly jams his thick shaft into her tight anal cavity! And man, what a treat it is to watch those big milkers shake and bump with every anal thrust! He reams her hard enough to bring the tears to her eyes. But she takes it, and you’ll be grinding your gear shift when you see just how much of it she takes!

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Enter through the back door, boys, and leave a load of love juice on your way out! That’s the mantra of the lovely knocked-up and oh-so-willing wenches at Preggo Playground, and isn’t it just what every pregnant anal sex loving man wants to hear? Pregnant babes on hormone highs are grovelling for hard cock here! They’re insane with desire to get their buns split! This blonde mom-to-be and all her preggo friends are swooning for want of a poop shoot. Their aching nipples are popping, their pregnant pussies are swollen, and they can’t get off without a hunk of hard meat in their sphincters! You don’t want to disappoint these pregnant damsels in distress, do you? Grab your broadsword and saddle up one or two now!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this close-up shot of a preggo’s tiny ass preparing to be invaded by a big, mean cock say to you? This expectant mom’s quivering anticipation is almost tangible as she bends over, spread-assed, feeling the steel hard pole pressing against her soft, vulnerable sphincter. Such a small space for so large an instrument, but she’ll take it, because the pre-birth hormones are racing through her bloodstream, and she can’t get enough of whatever’s on offer! Even a pregnant anal probe feels like ecstasy! See what happens when that irresistible force hits home, and be prepared for a sensational explosion…or two!

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When I get that urge to do a dark star or two, I invariably find myself visiting Pregnant Wishes, where the queens of the pregnant anal sex show hang out. You can always count on these sexy preggo honeys to flaunt their heavy bellies and shake their full milk wagons to get your attention, not to mention turn a ‘blind eye’ to the camera! The moms-to-be here are all wild animals in their hunger for pregnant anal penetration! They want that thick meat in their tight, soft asses so bad, they do whatever it takes to make sure you’re good and hard and ready for insertion! Just check out how eager these bulging babes are to sit on some cock! They’re practically salivating at the thoughts of that raw beef sliding into their waiting assholes! Pay them a visit, and let them make your pregnant anal wishes an explosive reality!

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No matter how many times a day this guy’s pregnant wife needs a cum fix, he’s ready and able to shoot her a load. I would be too, if this insatiable brunette doll with her sexy protruding baby bump were my wife! Not only is she constantly hot to trot (those pregnant hormones are truly a man’s best friend!), but she’s got a real predilection for pregnant anal intercourse. She’s simply mad about the feeling of hot jizz seeping from her horny asshole! To view her gorgeous preggo behind penetrated, none too gently, by hubby’s huge dong, is to experience a bit of sodomy heaven—and possibly the biggest boner to ever grace your groin!

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If you’re the type who fantasizes about draining your pipe deep inside a pregnant anal cavity, if you dream of driving your jackhammer in some pregnant chick’s brown hole so hard it hurts, then this is the site for you! The pregnant babes at Preggo Abuse are not only desperate to alleviate the demands of their over-sexed, knocked-up bodies, they’re also desperate for cash. That’s why they submit themselves to hardcore anal reamings—fast and furious ass poundings, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Hundreds of preggos, like this little blonde here, are willing to let you watch them taking a vicious butt hole beating, just for a few bucks in their pockets! They may moan and cry with the intensity of the ass drilliing they’re getting, but your cock won’t be complaining any!

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